The River Film Forum

On a Break. Keep an eye out for this event in a new format!

A great movie can be such a refreshing, challenging, and inspiring experience. When shared with others, that experience can sometimes lead to conversations that change our lives forever.

The River Film Forum is an informal and casual gathering of people interested in exploring meaning of life questions sparked by the shared of experience of watching a wide variety of movies that span genres, eras, and nationalities. Whether you’re a lover of cinema or just love a thoughtful conversation, our goal is to foster genuine dialogue among people with diverse perspectives. We want to hear from each other about what connects us to the stories we experience together, what challenges us, what thrills us, what makes us laugh, and what breaks our hearts. Through these conversations, we reflect together on what brings meaning to our own lives, what hopes we have, and what fears and struggles affect us. Everyone from film aficionados to casual movie viewers are invited to join us.

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