Play Group

On a Break. Check back for the Fall of 2018!

Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers (ages 0 – 5) and their parents are welcome to join us for a drop-in style playgroup.fall-2015

I’m a mom of 4 kids. When my oldest was little, our babysitter would take her to playgroups while I worked. They would come home with crafts they had made, and I would hang them on my office wall, which became quite full eventually!  I was thankful that they had something to do, and I was also sorry that I wasn’t getting to be a part of it.

dinosaur feetNow my schedule allows me to run a playgroup with my younger child. We start each of these sessions with a few minutes of free play before joining in on some songs that bring everyone together, get the kids moving and talking about things like what sounds animals make and what the different parts of their body are called.  Then we transition into a story time followed by a related craft activity. Sometimes it’s just crayons and paper. Other times, we’re planting tomato seeds or making postcards. We let the stories lead us. After the craft is over, kids are able to play some more, and we conclude the day with clean up and a goodbye song.

I like playgroups because they allow kids to get used to interacting with other kids and because they give caretakers a chance to interact with other grown ups. I hope you will join us and spread the word! k

~ Kristina Stone Kaiser, Facilitator, Mom, and President of The River South Center